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The video below was made at my Collage exhibition at Propeller Gallery in 2014.

These collage/paintings all turned out to be great surprises to me. I had not imagined them, or how much fun they were to work on, until they started evolving. Emergent designs indeed!

See Artist Statement below images.

This is my experience of doing abstract art: I work every day puzzling over shapes, lines, colours, textures, until something makes me smile.

Years ago I read C.S. Lewis’ autobiography “Surprised by Joy.” What things in my life are ongoing, heartwarming and exciting surprises....things that give ME joyful energy? Hence, the titles.

These works are paintings, and then collaged pieces of paintings I made on watercolour paper. And then maybe more painting!

I hope you get a kick out of these works because I had so much fun making them.

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