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These paintings are about honey bees, swarming, in colourful abstracted landscapes making vivid their lines of travel, their energy and their magic.

See Artist Statement below images.

"The keeping of bees is like directing sunbeams."
― Henry David Thoreau

In choosing the theme of BEES I am advocating for the lives of these bewitching bugs. We see them as harbingers of summer, and of all things bright and beautiful in the natural world.

A % of sales from these paintings go to the Ontario Beekeepers Association.

I love to champion their well-being because - without honeybees - we would have NO (NONE!) apples, pears, plums, onions, celery, watermelon, coconuts, cantaloupe, carrots, figs, sunflowers, raspberry, peach, mangoes, cranberries, cherries OR tomatoes. OR HONEY!

Honey bees are in danger. Pesticides kill honeybees. Monsanto produces the key killer pesticides.

To find out more about how we can save and protect our darling honeybees, write to the Ontario Beekeepers Association .

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