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I have love the idea of "island", especially the sandbar peninsula which is Toronto Island, as a metaphor for shape-shifting, change, adaptation and renewing beauty, in my society and life.   The Island itself is a living scenario.  

See Artist Statement below images.

Of special interest to me is the relationship between the island and the sun, the city, and Toronto Harbour.

I regularly paint at the Island's Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts, and have done some of my best work there. Thanks to Artscape!

Some of these paintings are made with hot pigmented wax. Encaustic painting is an ancient technique that smells great and feels delicious.

I have embedded in each of these paintings imagery of ice, snow, beach, sky, animals, weeds and trees. I hope viewers will be reminded of Canadian aboriginal art.   Aboriginal images, and their significance are especially intriguing to me.

As John Ralston Saul says, "When I dig around in the roots of how we imagine ourselves as Canadians….how we live together in communities – how we treat one another when we are not being stupid – what I find is deeply Aboriginal."

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