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This series was inspired by the largest social justice demonstration in history:  the mighty 5-million Women Marches on Washington, in Toronto, and all over the world!!

I am extremely excited by the renewed women's equity issues awareness and activism, in defense of women's human rights.   

Feminism has been the abiding political philosophy of my life.  Women’s rights are always in peril.  Think Trump, Harper, Harris, Ford.



The exhibition also speaks to my 20-year history as an activist for pay equity and a labour union organizer. Pay equity is another abiding struggle!  Women think they’re moving toward fairness, and then “precarious work” and other schemes are spawned to defeat them. 


This is the great, perennial threat from the right wing: ”Now you have equity! (Insert gender, race, class, orientation, ability.) Now you don’t!”

I also spent 20 years coaching women in positive-change-based democratic management and organizational effectiveness.

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