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My family and friends are the most important part of my life and my work.  Thanks to you!!!

I am honoured to be a member of PROPELLER GALLERY in Toronto.   It's a thriving collective of about 45 artists, part of the Queen West art community for 20 years. 

I work with my friends, on our art, having a wonderful time, at PROJECT: ART.  Ewa Styrjnik is our instructor, coach, mentor and friend.  Check us out!


Jane Murdoch Adams

Painter, Toronto, Canada

Here's the thing.  If I don't  paint my paintings, who will??

I make abstract art because it all depends on my imagination.  Every day I puzzle over colours, shapes, lines, ideas and textures until I have created something surprisingly cool that makes me smile.


And all my abstractions are about something, something vital to, dancing, nature, bees, justice, equity, colour.


I am so happy to be a member of Propeller Gallery, and my work has also been exhibited by Canadian Fine Arts Gallery, Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, Love Art Fair, Jordan Art Gallery, the Queen West Art Crawl and Pentimento Gallery.


I am originally from Winnipeg, from a family of artisans and naturalists, and in earlier iterations of my life have been a community developer, union organizer & negotiator, mediator and adult educator.  Also, mother and partner, consultant with not-for-profit organizations,  feminist,  dancer and friend.


Having completed my M.Ed., U of Toronto, I have been a professional artist for 15 years, and my paintings are in 80+ private collections.


The emotions, reflected in all my work, are chiefly gratitude, constant gladness for my great good fortune of being an artist, and a woman, in Canada.   My future lies in reading the world and telling my story. 


My Art Education

Process and Materials

  • Acrylic 

  • Collage

  • Encaustic

  • Japanese Paper and Dogwood/Willow branch sculptures

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