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The creaturely Nazca Lines are a series of geoglyphs created by ancient Nazca peoples of Peru, are out under the sky for the gods to see. They are thought to be prayer labyrinths.


See Artist Statement below images.


These wonderful shapes, embedded in landscapes of my imagination, were carved and walked into the Nazca Desert of Peru over 2000 years ago. They have humour (super long necks, odd penises) exquisite lines and form. I am endlessly curious about these impressive feats of design, calculation and execution.


I always start these paintings with the landscape first, picturing in my mind the people who created the images, their toil and creativity. I then go on to carefully draw the actual geoglyph shape where it falls most comfortably on the canvas, respecting the sacredness of the original image.

I think of these paintings as Peruvians in Toronto, and thank Lirio Peck, Boulevard Cafe in Toronto, for encouraging me in this project.

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